Callus / Cracked Heels


Callus or hard and thickened skin, is often a result of the bodies efforts to protect an area from pressure or rubbing. This is usually a result of poor footwear or problems in the way you walk.

Callus’ hard quality is due to a higher concentration of the protein keratin (That’s the one that makes your hair and nails strong) within the intracellular matrix. It can also be caused by vitamin A deficiency or chronic exposure to arsenic.

As Callus thickens it becomes inflexible and can be painful to walk on, as well as being prone to splitting or cracking. This can be especially serious in diabetics and other at risk populations as it increases the risk of infections.

Treatment includes debriding (scraping off – This is usually painless and feels like someone is lightly scratching you with their nail) the callus, topical creams and also addressing the causative factors by footwear, activity modification or treating the underlying biomechanical factors.

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