Severs Disease (Kids)


Severs Disease is a Paediatric condition of the heel. It occurs while the maturing skeleton moves from a cartilage growth centre to bone.

The growth plate is essentially made up of cartilage which is like the tip of your nose. It is soft and bendable. As the heel is converted to bone it hardens becoming rigid and non flexible.

If there is excessive irritation in this region it can cause inflammation and bruising within the growth plate causing pain.

Severs disease is often made worse in winter months. As children begin the new winter sports seasons they start wearing sports specific boots and shoes. These shoes often have a lower pitch (the difference in height between the heel and forefoot) than other shoes.

Common winter sports codes that aggravate Severs Disease include: Rugby League, Soccer, Hockey, Netball and Rugby union. These sports can create increased tension and load through the Achilles tendon which pulls on the growth plate causing aggravation.

Severs Disease despite being painful is not a chronic condition. Furthermore it will fully resolve when growth of the Calcaneus (Heel bone) is completed. However it can result in significant pain and activity avoidance in children experiencing it.

Treatment varies according to severity and age. Children treated with customised Orthotics and calf stretches do very well and are usually able to return to activity with minimal/no pain.

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