Ankle Sprains & Strains


Ankle sprains and strains are among the most common injuries sustained in the active population.

Sprains make up approximately 70% of all ankle injuries and 40% of ankle sprains will reoccur. This can lead to further problems.

The structure that becomes painful when you sprain your ankle is the ligaments that make the ankle stable. The direction your foot moves when you fall will determine which of the 8 ligaments of the ankle you injure.

Sprains can be categorised into 3 categories:

  • Grade 1: Your ankle will probably feel sore and may be slightly swollen. In this case, the ligament has been overstretched but not torn.
  • Grade 2: You have a partial tear in a ligament. This causes prolonged pain and swelling. It might prevent you from putting your full weight on the ankle. You may also notice bruising. This is because the tear has caused bleeding under your skin.
  • Grade 3: This is a full tear of an ankle ligament. You may have heard a popping sound when it happened. This level of sprain causes severe pain, swelling and bruising. Because the ligament is no longer able to do its job, your ankle will feel unstable and will be unable to support any of your weight.

Ankle sprains are often under treated and can lead to Chronic Ankle Instability.

Early assessment and treatment of Ankle injuries is the best way ensure a speedy recovery. Our Podiatrists can help with a customised treatment plan and rehabilitation.

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