Bakers Cysts


Cysts are a fluid filled sac containing Synovium, this is the fluid that lubricates our joints (Like oil does to a car engine).

Sometimes when pathological forces are applied through the knee, an enlargemnet of the joint linning (Cyst formation) can occur. This is usually harmless when the enlargement is relatively small, however continued growth of the cyst or its rupture can cause painful symptoms.

This usually occurs with some form of adult arthritis, but can occur in children without an indication from other complications.

Your Podiatrist will be able to test for and diagnos via a combination of a physical examination and sometimes imaging.

Usually Bakers Cysts can easily be seen while standing (knee extended) or felt with knee partially bent (flexed).

In the event that your Cyst is causing you pain, discomfort or becomes unsightly we can offer various treatments. Some of the treatments include: Altering the movement of the knee joint, compression, Steroid injection, Rest or Surgical excision/Drainage.

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