Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis (Inside Knee Joint Pain)


Is your knee hurting when you sleep on your side? Or go up and down stairs? You may have Osteoarthritis in your knees.

The knee is made of up the Tibia, Femur, and Patella (Leg bone, Thigh bone, and Knee cap). They work together similar to a hinge, in that they bend and flex to allow for you to walk and run in a forward direction.

The bones on the inside edge of the knee sit closer together because of the way they are shaped. This means that over time and with repeated movement the inside of your knee joint becomes worn out.

The first signs of this is usually pain when you bump or bend down in the affected knee (this isn’t always symmetrical).

Physiotherapy is an excellent choice for acute knee pain and for muscle strengthening.

When your knee pain is chronic or the alignment of your knee begins to change (due to the wearing of the cartilage on the inside of your knee) Podiatry can help to correct alignment issues within the knee and help it maintain a more normal ‘hinge’ function.

Our Podiatrists can help you by guiding you through footwear choices, exercises, activity modification, sleep changes, and Orthotics to help with your pain.


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