In-toeing / Pigeon toes


In toeing is a condition where your child walks with their feet turned in towards the other foot; this may not happen with every step.

This is generally considered to be abnormal. In-toeing is caused by the hips and knees rotating inwards making the foot and leg circumduct (swing in a semi-circle) while your child walks.

This is an inefficient way of walking, which can contribute to clumsiness and tripping. This can cause low self esteem and reduced willingness to participate in sports/activity. It can also cause long term excessive wear and tear to footwear and your joints.

There are many treatment options for In-toeing dependant on which structure is responsible and your age. Treatment may include: Simple exercises, Orthotics, or Braces and Casting. The treatment aims to change the angle of the foot while walking to face straight or slightly outwards.

This is best left to your Podiatrist to treat and not attempt to straighten your walking yourself, which can cause unwanted compensations (problems) in other joints or areas of the body.

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