Do you get pain when you walk or run?
Do your feet, ankles, shins or knees hurt after exercise?
Do you have abnormal wear on your shoes?

This can be a sign of alignment issues causing injury to your joints and muscles

  • When you are walking your body absorbs up to three times your body weight with each foot strike.
  • When you are running your body absorbs up to ten times your body weight with each foot strike.
  • Studies show that up to 79% of runners develop an overuse injury in a year and 70% of these injuries will reoccur.
  • Injuries to the knees, feet and lower legs make up 72% of all running injuries.
  • The major cause of overuse injury is biomechanical alignment issues and poor running technique.

As a part of our comprehensive Biomechanical assessment and treatment we may prescribe gait retraining.

Gait retraining involves the improvement of the way our body moves. This is best left to a professional to ensure correction of one problem doesn’t create a new one in a different area.