A Bursa is a fluid filled sac that usually sits between a tendon and a bone to help the tendon slide and glide over a bone without damage.

Bursa can become inflammed for a variety of reasons including: Compression, Irritaiton, Sudden changes of activity, and pregnancy.

When the Bursa becomes inflammed and irritated there is an increase in the size of the Bursa which then compresses the surrounding structures causing pain.

There are many different types of treatments for Bursa that range from: Rest, Footwear modifications, Orthotics though to interventional injections with steroids or sometimes even surgey.

A bursa can form anywhere in the body but often they are seen in the forefoot, Ankle, Knee and Hip.

Our friendly Podiatrist can help you find your feet with a comprehensive Biomechanical assessment (The way your body is put together and moves). Isolating the cause of the irritation/compression/ or rubbing in the area and help to manage or resolve your symptoms.

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